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Soil carbon cycling under chronic N addition

Significant soil carbon accumulation (about 10 %) under the anthropogenic N deposition has been observed in our 16-year-long field experiment. This project will mainly focus on the physiological processes underlying this response of soil carbon under the chronic N addition. Several hypotheses will be tested to exam which factor or factors mostly contribute to the soil carbon increase under chronic N addition, and whether the foliage litter or the fine root litter is more responsible for this increase.

Associated Materials

Real-time Conditions on Douglas Lake

Data from the Douglas Lake Buoy is now available for download via the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory.

Additional external data for UMBS is also available!

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The University of Michigan Biological Station is committed to helping our researchers successfully meet data management requirements such as those recently outlined by the National Science Foundation. Please visit our Data Management portal page for more!