UMBS Data Sets

The University of Michigan Biological Station hosts a rich array of data sets for our property and Northern Michigan.  We welcome the use of these data for research and educational purposes.  Please remember to acknowledge the Data Originator and UMBS in your work - see our Data Management Policy for more.

External Data

Many of the datasets collected at the University of Michigan Biological Station are streamed to national and international databases and is freely available online.  Follow the URLs below to access that data:

Douglas Lake Buoy Data: Real-time conditions for South Fishtail Bay!

Weekly precipitation recordsRecorded at the UV Site. UMBS' Site ID is MI09; samples begin in May 2009.

UV Data: Recorded at the UV site. UMBS' Site IDs are MI01 (vis-MFRSR) / MI02 (uv-MFRSR); samples begin 1994-08-02

AmeriFlux Data : Over a decade of meteorological and ecosystem flux data for UMBS forests.