Douglas Lake Bathymetry

Douglas Lake Bathymetry

Douglas Lake bathymetric contours

Original map developed by the University of Michigan Department of Surveying in 1921-1922. Updated in 1934. Digitized by R. Vande Kopple in CMAP on the CalComp.

In 2008, Dr. Guy Meadows, then faculty in Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering revisited the task of mapping the lake’s bathymetry, but this time with what many would consider a more sophisticated survey method. Using a small coastal survey vessel with on board precision acoustic depth sounding and differential Global Positioning System (GPS) instrumentation. Digitized by J. Tallant in ArcGIS.

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1934 Douglas Lake Bathymetry
2008 Douglas Lake Bathymetry

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