Prevalence of parasitic infections on several species of snail (Gastropoda)

Prevalence of parasitic infections on several species of snail (Gastropoda)

Data represent information on the proportion of snails infected by cercariae of avian schistosomes and, in cases, morphological descriptions of infected and uninfected snails. Sampling took place at Glen Lake, Leelanau County MI from 1983 - 1984.

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Data were collected at Glen Lake in Leelanau County, MI in the early 1980's. Students, primarily Ronald Reimink and Dave Van Wylen, collected two species of snails on both Little and Big Glen early in the morning, individually isolated them in communion cups, exposed them to light for an hour and then checked them with a dissecting microscope for cercariae of avian schistosomes. In some cases, snail lengths were individually taken and mean sizes recorded as well, using calipers. Their work was supervised by Dr. Harvey D. Blankespoor. Only one or two collections were per day because the process was time consuming and because snails normally shed early in the morning. Collections taken later in the day would not be accurate because infected snails may have shed their cercariae at that time.

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