Research Sites of the University of Michigan Biological Station

Research Sites of the University of Michigan Biological Station

You are viewing 644 localities where UMBS students and researchers have conducted research since 1909. A map of the sites in our research site gazetteer is also available.

Title Site Overview Synonyms Latitude Longitude
Adams Trail

County road in Alger Co., south of the Pictured Rocks, basically running between Munising and Grand Marais. Good way to access the Kingston Plains.

46.5213709582 -86.2911272049
Alanson Ditch

Good spot to collect lymnaead snails for parasitological studies.

45.4414262608 -84.7890373909
Algonquin Peat Bog - Beaver Island

One of two basins on Beaver Island, Michigan where Kapp analyzed pollen and the character of the sediments to correlate the water level in the Michigan basin, sedimentation and forest history. Three pollen zones from this post-Valders peat bog and Barney Lake reflect a late-glacial forest, dominated by spruce followed by the development of the mixed northern hardwood forest including pine.

47.4001471714 -89.4639699174
Allis Sinkholes

7 sinkholes are located in Black Lake State Forest in Allis twp. From W to E, the first is water-filled and is known as Shoepac Lake. The next 5 are sand-filled with no exposed rock. The last, and E-most sinkhole is the most interesting. See also Shoepac Lake

45.2422573607 -84.1642182234
Alpena Sink Holes

Numerous sinkholes in the limestone bedrock of northern Alpena county.

Four Sinks
4 Sinks
Big Sink
Twin Sinks
45.1743410571 -83.7220477582
Alpena State Road

Leaves M23 about 1 mi E of Cheboygan city limits; access road for Lake Sixteen, Mud Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Marsh, etc.; gravel.

45.6300351387 -84.3746995926
Andrus Lake - Chippewa Co.

Part of Limnology's Comparative Lake Survey in 92 and 93: an oligotrophic, dystrophic, acidic, seepage lake, possibly affected by acid precipitation; also studied by Bob Pillsbury in his dissertation work on benthic algae in acidic lakes.

Warners Lake 46.7012177982 -85.0385513426
Antique Bog

Sparrow aquatic fungi collecting site.

Maple River Township Bog 45.5270055761 -84.7860860825
Antrim Creek

Small groundwater stream west of Atwood with good vehicle access.

45.1721226392 -85.3751234991
Arborvitae to Aspen

Very near what became in the 80's (id. by Cheb. Co. soil mappers) a soil catena: from dry to wet the same textured soil; Rubicon, Croswell, Au Gres, Roscommon, Tawas (see notes of Res. Biol.). SE 1/4 of SW 1/4. Roseland sand to Saugatuck sand, across 1/8 mil. gradient (Cantlon).

UMBS Soil Drainage Catena 45.5689397754 -84.6389536380
Arnott Lake - Emmet Co.

RANN: appears to be in very early stage of hydrarch succession, progressing toward dystrophy. It is deep with soft flocculent sediments, it stratifies early and stays so until late fall, with large hypolimetic oxygen deficits.

45.6265620655 -84.7757653915
Au Sable River

One of the largest rivers of the northern lower peninsula, draining the central highlands, its branches to the N and S of Grayling. Famous blue ribbon trout stream.

44.4440562067 -83.4726896303
Au Sable River - North Branch

Originates just east of Otsego Lake and enters the Au Sable just east of McMasters Bridge.

44.6722167515 -84.3835422588
Au Train Bay

Large bay on Lake Superior, just W of Munising and Grand Island.

46.4401064982 -86.8480150782
Avery Lake - Chippewa Co.

One of Bob Pillsbury's dissertation study sites, an acidic lake where he studied the benthic algal communities (and manipulated light and nutrients).

46.4092240051 -84.7739410400
Barclay Lake

About 1000 ft. long & only 1/3 as broad at its widest, 6.7 acres in all. A classical bog mat around the lake, esp. well developed at the S end.

46.6529712097 -85.3936386108
Barney Lake - Beaver Island

One of two basins on Beaver Island, Michigan where Kapp analyzed pollen and the character of the sediments to correlate the water level in the Michigan basin, sedimentation and forest history. Three pollen zones from this site reflect a late-glacial forest, dominated by spruce followed by the development of the mixed northern hardwood forest including pine.

Barneys Lake 45.7123826110 -85.5609655380
Bay Harbor - Emmet Co. 45.3681675478 -85.0166281713
Bay View Woods 45.3819933851 -84.9279349331
Bear Lake - Otsego Co. Big Bear Lake 44.9374596456 -84.3835644710
Bear River

River draining Walloon Lake and the hills SE of Petoskey into Little Traverse Bay.

45.3756942512 -84.9607515335
Beaver Island

Large island in northern Lake Michigan, home to CMU's biological station. Especially noted for its history (King Strang and the Mormons). 58.4 sq. mi., 13 miles long, in NE Lake Michigan.

45.6378871783 -85.5554853448
Beavertail Creek

Drains into North Fishtail Bay of Douglas Lake from the moraine near Dotski, McClouth, and Bonnett roads. A small stream draining pastures and woodland; empties into Douglas Lake at the NE shore of North Fishtail Bay. Camp Knight was the former owner, UMBS bought this property in the 1990's.

Trout Creek 45.5841307363 -84.6525335312
Belangers Creek - Leelanau Co. 45.0116613592 -85.6131076813
Bellow Island

In Grand Traverse Bay, Herring gull nesting area.

Gull Island 45.1002479005 -85.5668565724
Berry Creek Area

Joins with Cedar Creek and drains into Pickerel Lake. Shaffer: creek bordered by white cedar woods, a good collection area for fleshy fungi.

45.3792513791 -84.6796560287
Bessey Creek

The stream draining Lancaster Lake into Douglas Lake. An excellent pike spawning run in the spring. Flows from Lancaster Lake to Douglas Lake at Marl Bay; bordered by ozier-willow thickets and wet woodlands.

Lancaster Creek 45.6009476960 -84.7158336639
Betchler Marsh

Large taiga-like peatland on the Soo District of Hiawatha; a noted crane nesting area.

46.2941319734 -84.9236836419
Betsy Lake Natural Area 46.6286925708 -85.2480697632
Big Bradford Lake - Otsego Co. 44.8700861844 -84.7066893897
Big Creek 44.6663266947 -84.2541672300
Big Muskeg

[Sections 3 & 4, about 1 mi N of Hwy 123 and near the Upper Falls.] W of Tahquamenon in Lake Superior State Forest lands; fossil dunes and muskeg between; mostly burned over and cut, but useful for several vegetation types.

46.5868260948 -85.2937059124
Big Rock Nuclear Power Plant

The 2nd oldest nuclear power plant in the US; recently dismantled.

45.3615338266 -85.2019236302
Big Shoal - Douglas Lake

Prominent shoal on east end of Douglas Lake, separating N and S Fishtail Bays.

45.5680870252 -84.6685441319
Big Sink

In Alpena sinkholes folder.

Alpena Sink Holes 45.1789815894 -83.7238025665
Big Stone Bay

OSP: On N shore of Wilderness State Park.

45.7541955568 -84.9015291137
Big Stone Bay Creek

Flows through swamp for about 1 & 1/2 miles, forms Big Stone Pond, & then into Big Stone Bay.

Big Stone Creek 45.7516340461 -84.8881136641
Big Sucker Creek

Creek draining O'Neal Lake into Lake Michigan through Sturgeon Bay Dunes of Wilderness State Park. Drains Upper and Lower O'Neal Lakes.

Sucker River 45.7327830279 -84.9461335017
Birchwood Road

Connecting road between E Burt Lake Rd and Crump Road; Livingston Bog and Nichols Bog just to S (Google map name is wrong).

45.5425472050 -84.6388864517
Bird Island 44.8900720434 -83.3263237580
Black Lake

Highly developed, famous for its sturgeon fishing. Onaway State Park on its SE shore. Black Mtn. ski area immed. to N. Upper Black River enters on the W shore and the Black River leaves from NW corner.

45.4702116243 -84.2731439487
Black Lake Golf Course

Owned by UAW; students have used it to correlate N15 in plants with nitrate levels in groundwater.

45.4127316712 -84.2689990997
Black Mallard Lake 45.5380597495 -84.1476495923
Black Mallard River

River draining NW corner of Presque Isle co.into Lake Huron.

Bearinger 45.5354125332 -84.1244471264
Black Oak - Jack Pine

Cantlon: excellent savanna and forests of jack pine and black oak and Black oak with Hill's oak (Q. paleolithica). SW 1/4 of sec. 27.

45.3957679896 -84.5426273346
Black River

Noted for its Potamogeton flora. OSP: Flows NW from N end of Black Lake to join Cheboygan River, S of Cheboygan.

45.4720871620 -84.3040032648
Black River Island

In Thunder Bay area, Herring gull nesting area.

44.8331562538 -83.2833982237
Blind Sucker River Blind Sucker Creek 46.6790644845 -85.6846475601
Bliss Township Park

Heavily used area of the Sturgeon Bay Dunes with beautiful sand beach.

45.6868156876 -84.9698495865
Boardman River

Drains the moraines S of Traverse City into W Bay of Grand Traverse Bay.

44.7646821759 -85.6216480899
Bodi Lake

Softwater lake excellent for aquatic vascular plants.

46.7001607029 -85.3233108906
Bois Blanc Island

Large island in Straits of Mackinac; boat ferry from Cheboygan to Pointe Aux Pins. In the Straits of Mackinac, about 12 miles long and 6 miles wide; chiefly wooded, much white cedar swamp around the lakes. Sparsely settled. Only local area where the massasauga, Sistrurus catenatus, occurs.

Boblo Island 45.7828664763 -84.4845800695
Bolton Sink

Prob. should be sec. 14 or 15

45.1886822275 -83.5325966911
Bonnett Farm 45.6162887747 -84.6513748169
Borgstrom Fen - Mackinac Co. 46.1966462224 -85.3205537796
Bosom Field Red Pine Plantation

From Xiaojun Li's dissertation.

47.2602175517 -89.4638300699
Bowersoc's Landing

On Indian River just before Mullett Lake.

45.4396429668 -84.5796631314
Brown Lake - Cheboygan Co. 45.6475765272 -84.6396169859
Brown Lake - Chippewa Co.

From Vitt and Slack.

46.3216574078 -84.9784369210
Brush Creek - Emmet Co.

Drains Larks Lake into the Maple River.

45.5674289124 -84.8971080780
Bryant's Bog

Small bog closely associated with Douglas Lake; has received much attention from UMBS biologists over the years. See Gates S. P. 1942, 9: 224-226. An excellent small acid bog, with all stages present in small bands.

Bryant Bog 45.5668505679 -84.7118639946
Bryophyte Bed

Site is still owned by the Ginop family. This site was discovered by Ed Ginop as he was digging this pond with his backhoe.

Ginop's Pond 45.6307928915 -84.6813833714
Budzinski Farm

Used by Ted Anderson in House Sparrow studies.

45.5494831195 -84.6338589466
Budzinski Pasture

Dole (1963): a 4.25 hectare pasture on the farm of Albert Budzinski on Indian Trail Road 8 km E of UMBS. It contained an abandoned gravel pit and a small marsh, both having water most of the summer and together supporting a large population of frogs.

45.5510636972 -84.5614302442
Bullfrog Lake

See Cort et. al. (1939) and McMullen (1938): cannot find.

Bull Frog Lake 47.4556638408 -89.4351254960
Bullhead Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River drainage. SA = 30 acres. Esker forms the W shore, but remainder of lake is surrounded by low, flat land.

45.3169782042 -84.0009601663
Bur Pond Cattail Pond 45.5938523595 -84.6793729692
Burnt Bluff 45.6886144466 -86.7078781128
Burt Lake

The 4th largest lake in the state with a surface area of 6,848 ha. Relatively deep, with several large bays, and most of the extensive shoreline is in private ownership. Total watershed is 140,181 ha.

45.4540484640 -84.6607212288
Burt Lake State Park

On SE corner of Burt Lake. DNR property.

45.4043345085 -84.6259083598
Bush Bay

H. Crum collected bryophytes and lichens here.

45.9830527843 -84.2648668870
Cabin Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.6005993478 -85.1760962413
Camp Knight

Last operated in 19xx. A camp of the Methodist Children's Home Society.

45.5851206698 -84.6523787217
Canada Creek - Montmorency Co.

Private development begun as a split from the Black River Ranch (to the west). Beautiful wild stream running through glacial outwash sand.

45.1641644413 -84.2196966317
Canada Goose Pond

Artificial pond formed by damming Big Stone Bay Creek within 1 mile of the mouth; done by CCC crew in 1935. Also called Big Stone Pond, Geography Camp Pond and Goose Pond.

CCC Pond
Wilderness Pond
Goose Pond
45.7422580199 -84.8972863496
Captain Jenks' Peatland - Luce Co. 46.5667896881 -85.5460702339
Carp Creek

Groundwater discharge from Douglas Lake (dye tracing study done in 1987 by Dr. Dave White).

Little Carp River 45.5367517582 -84.6764232412
Carp Lake - Chippewa Co.

Headwaters of the Carp River; a nice county park on the N shore.

46.1870213769 -85.0374658356
Carp Lake Hardwoods

H. Heatwole study area.

45.7008673210 -84.7802908052
Carp River - Emmet Co.

Drains Carp Lake (Paradise Lake) into Lake Michigan. Sometimes has a good smelt run. A weir at Wilderness Park Drive. A warmwater stream.

45.7498453870 -84.8292646045
Carp River - Mackinac Co. 46.0254702138 -84.6950209193
Carpenter Lake - Antrim Co. 45.1891347394 -85.2882793292
Cathead Bay 45.1933671738 -85.5871431399
Cecil Bay

OSP: On Lake Michigan between Mackinaw City and Wilderness State Park. Extends from Stony Point to McGulpin Point.

45.7530483215 -84.8409878624
Cecil Bog

Jewell and Brown (1929): a small bog just south of Cecil Bay, formed from a beach pool of Lake Michigan. A good example of a sphagnum sedge margin closely followed by bog woods.

45.7495914728 -84.8225529901
Cedar River - Antrim Co. 44.9781566971 -85.1982450485
Cedar River - West Branch

See Rier and Stevenson.

44.0388613072 -84.6656227112
Cedarville Bay 45.9938628376 -84.3446421400
Charity Islands' Reef

In Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

47.5015890275 -88.9768167790
Cheboygan City Dump

On S side of Cheboygan marsh; abandoned early 1960's; dump actually filled into wetlands. Turnaround road still present on 82 topo.

45.6549080862 -84.4732332230
Cheboygan Marsh

A very good example of a cattail marsh on the Great Lakes (Lake Huron), now with a boardwalk extending from Gordon Turner Park (formerly Cheboygan City Park).

45.6564183090 -84.4710951866
Cheboygan River

The end of the Inland Water Route, navigable from Crooked Lake to Lake Huron. Catches both the Burt Lake and the Black Lake drainages. Flows NE from Mullett Lake, receives the Black River, flows N, then NE into the Straits of Mackinac.

45.6558286025 -84.4641492473
Cheboygan State Park

On Duncan Bay and Lake Huron. DNR property.

45.6629051298 -84.4165735331
Cheboygan Wastewater Plant

Outfall into the Cheboygan River.

45.6525082831 -84.4716668129
Clark Township Wastewater Treatment Plant 46.0199129745 -84.3756008148
Clear Lake - Alcona Co. 44.6247893710 -83.7469860647
Clear Lake - Montmorency Co. 45.1242140000 -84.1801943867
Clinton Lake

Norton Miller: an excellent marl bog, mat dominated by Cyperaceae; Phragmites zone around portion of lake; excellent growth of fen mosses (Scorpidium, Cinclidium, Calliergon, etc.); quaking sedge mat well-developed; water strongly calcareous.

45.2357430874 -83.5900385166
Cochran Lake

Used by W. Fairchild Lake and its shoreline and adjacent areas are used by the entomology class.

45.4062227554 -84.5497747472
Cold Creek

Drains into Maple River near Ely Bridge Road.

45.5760034631 -84.8487024492
Colonial Point

OSP: Wooded peninsula on W shore of Burt Lake. Most of property owned by UMBS.

Indian Point 45.4761139511 -84.6792456682
Colonial Point Hardwoods

White pine, northern hardwoods; old growth. Oaks over 150 years old and probably represent a stand seeding into old Indian agricultural land. N. hardwoods now replacing pines.

45.4830733251 -84.6812942774
Conners Flat Road Bog

One of Jim Ryan's Sorex sites.

44.7065694857 -84.2015004106
Cornwall Creek 45.2266794938 -84.4243702620
Cornwall Creek Flooding 45.2192048285 -84.4092233149
Cousins Islands

In North Channel of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

47.3833115508 -88.9822862457
Cranberry Creek - Clare Co.

Drains Cranberry Lake into the West Branch of the Cedar River.

44.0387070546 -84.6661806107
Cranberry Lake 45.9376330667 -84.8022737885
Crane Island

Crane Island is the older name. State Park uses Crane Island, USGS uses Waugoshance Island.

Waugoshance Island 45.7641699717 -85.0657653809
Creighton Marsh

NE1/4ofSW1/4ofNE1/4. 1 of Barb Madsen's diss. study sites: a large (~5000 ha fen) containing several patterned "water tracks", apparently the N part of an originally much larger peatland which included the string fens of Seney NWR to S. Wet sedge meadow

46.4248557488 -86.2874238803
Crooked Lake - Emmet Co.

This lake has a long history of development and is currently one of the most populated lakes in the study area, sustaining 317 dwelling units on its shores. It has been identified as the lake most seriously affected by human impact within the study area

45.4145844802 -84.8294487246
Crooked River

Drains Crooked Lake from Emmet Co. into Burt Lake, part of the Inland Water Route. Flows from the NE end of Crooked Lake into Bullhead Bay on the W side of Burt Lake.

45.4696415675 -84.7249124001
Cross Village Area

To reach an almost undisturbed maple-hemlock-beech-red oak forest take M131 S. of village, turn E on Division Road (1st road going E after leaving village) and park. Private. N. hardwoods, Kalkaska loamy soil, excellent large old hemlocks in center.

45.6428752537 -85.0414101771
Crumley Creek

Drains jack pine plains of Ellis Twp. into the Little Sturgeon River which drains into (the old riverbed of the Sturgeon River).

45.3866436098 -84.5730617370
Crump Hill

50 yr plot # 3 is on top.

45.5503720618 -84.6567652732
Crump Road

Connection bet. Mullett-Burt Rd. and Indian Trail Rd.

45.5384292419 -84.6315479279
Crystal Lake 44.6634325988 -86.1807336651
Crystal River 44.9153777173 -85.9707202685
Culhane Lake 46.6937169312 -85.3528995793
Cusino Lake 46.4547149676 -86.2575930598
Cut River Gorge

Impressive gorge under US 2.

46.0450219472 -85.1245496887
Daggett Fire Tower 46.1006199966 -84.5311921048

Site of dam on Maple River where the E and W branches meet, creating Lake Kathleen.

45.5285648182 -84.7754296072
Danaher Bog

Futyma (Ph.D.): lies in a narrow lowland ca. 3.5 km wide between segments of the Munising and Newberry moraines; a pooly drained area covered with bog and conifer swamp vegetation in the divide between Tahquamenon and Manistique rivers. SE1/4 of NE 1/4

46.3582132025 -85.7887601852
Dead Stream Swamp Dead Stream Flooding 44.4005521649 -84.8235511780
Deer Lake - Alger Co.

see Weller (1969).

46.4774518657 -86.9707969933
Deer Lake - Bois Blanc Island

At tip of peninsula Calypso including an albino form. Goodyera spp. here; 2 spp. of Streptopus and many others. Very large forms of Acer pensylvanicum & A. spicatum. Virgin white pine and arborvitae.

45.7881196250 -84.4154601946
Deer Point - Douglas Lake

Point immediately E of Sedge Point, between Sedge and Hook Points.

45.5800458570 -84.6681547165
Devereaux Lake

A small seepage lake E of Mullett Lake; a shallow round kettle lake that appears to have a perched water table. Water level flucutations greater here than any other body of water in study area.

45.4858921818 -84.4559768371
Dingman Marsh

A very large peatland, dominated by ericaceous shrubs. OSP: formed by damming Mill Creek.

45.6979650748 -84.6842879817
Dog Lake - Cheboygan Co.

A shallow flowage, 76 ha in area, which drains through McMasters Creek and eventually into the Upper Black.

Dog Lake Flooding 45.2817554972 -84.3999357458
Dotski Farm

Used by Ted Anderson in his house sparrow studies.

George Dotski Farm 45.5927919922 -84.6182068498
Douglas Lake

A multiple ice-block kettle lake, with seven major depressions in the basin. Moderately deep. UMBS owns much of the shoreline on E and S sides. Total watershed is 10,307 ha. Drains into Burt Lake.

Turtle Lake 45.5824541227 -84.6955956963
Dow Lake

County line separates this lake in Emmet Co. from its "twin" (Twin Lake - Hebron) in Cheboygan Co.

Dows Lake
West Lake
45.7064468089 -84.7348474800
Drummond Island

Also Whitney Bay quad. Easternmost part of the UP, reached by a ferry from De Tour.

45.9803496668 -83.6262047561
Duby Lake

Drains into Milligan Creek.

45.2753119117 -84.3467782648
Duck Lake - Cheboygan Co.

The middle body of water of the three above Lake Sixteen in NE Cheboygan County.

45.6077421312 -84.3454898430
Duck Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.4358797107 -85.0502615314
Duck Marsh

The southernmost body of water of the 3 above Lake Sixteen in NE Cheboygan County.

45.6025273800 -84.3399637604
Duncan Bay

OSP: On Lake Huron, E of Cheboygan at mouth of Elliott Creek. A sheltered bay of the south channel of the Straits of Mackinac, east of Cheboygan.

45.6528831367 -84.4269264574
Duncan Pond

Beiswenger, 1972: occupied a depression, 8x20 m, in an otherwise dry, sandy stream bed bet. marshes to E & Duncan Bay to NW. Cheboygan State Park property.

45.6500056431 -84.4175958467
East Burt Lake Road

Along the NE shoreline of Burt Lake.

45.5268278841 -84.6512325285
East Lake - Hiawatha N. Forest

BVK: known for its floating islands - bog mats pushed back & forth; good Arethusa on E side; good pike fishery. Originally known as Jersey Lake for Mr. Edgar Jersey - timber cruiser. "Buckeye" lumber Co. on E side of lake - shipped up to Spur 459.

46.1256228150 -84.8031561346
East Point - Douglas Lake

Beach pools; the manmade pool on the S is called Diogenes Pool (Clem Bur created with dynamite). During high water years in the early 2000s this pool naturally disappeared--shoreline was obliterated.

Diogenes Pool 45.5801714959 -84.6553282804
East Soldier Lake - Chippewa Co.

Futyma (Ph.D.): SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of 30; in an area known as the Raco Sand Plain - outwash deposited on the S side of the Newberry moraine and graded to the level of Glacial Lake Algonquin; very sandy, with jack pine most commonly.

46.3465418258 -84.8575819361
Elk Lake 44.8772591884 -85.3875598597
Elliott Creek

Potamogeton hillii; empties into Duncan Bay A narrow, shallow, slow-moving stream which drains Carex bog and deciduous woods; flows chiefly NW into Duncan Bay.

45.6498065703 -84.4147531252
Elm Island

In north channel of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

47.4721418307 -89.0850397267
Ely Bridge Road Woods

One mile long between Camp Rd. and Ely Rd. Cantlon: Good old second growth coniferous forest. Also shows good invasion on abandoned RR. W 1/2 of NW 1/4 and E 1/2 of NE 1/4. [Probably the same woods that Warren Wagner visits for ferns.]

45.5781534960 -84.8531627655
Ely Road

N of Pellston, connects US 31 with Pleasantview Rd, all paved.

45.5790384762 -84.8264820536
Epoufette Island 46.0439625255 -85.2030082645
Ess Lake - Montmorency Co.

Actually in 3 twps. See Rodeheffer (1939): he has the county wrong.

45.1120350382 -83.9811076175
Evergreen Beach - Presque Isle Co. 45.4930977678 -83.9787087874
Fayette State Park

State park on the Garden peninsula; a historical iron smelting site.

45.7194162239 -86.6683879385
Finster Marsh

Alisma subcordatum. OSP: 2 acres, SE of Nelson Lake and E of Lake Paradise. FCG: small shallow depression SE of Nelson Lake. A small marsh - about 2 acres, S of Penny Lake, & SE of Nelson Lake. Named for Ethel B. Finster, for several years a grad. student at UMBS.

Finny Marsh 45.6771595053 -84.6553290599
Fisher Creek

see Kenk (1944); UAW camp is on its shores.

45.4287689250 -84.2738108259
Fisher Family Nature Preserve

Little Traverse Conservancy preserve.

45.6559427415 -85.0055391150
Fisherman's Island State Park 45.2803822980 -85.3553860114
Five Mile Creek

Cuts down right through glacial moraine as it drains Emmet Co. into Lake Michigan; clay layers are very nicely exposed.

45.4645460656 -85.0756769322
Fletcher Pond 44.9776141850 -83.8567462044
Florence Lake

On S. Manitou Island.

45.0100846169 -86.1204817162
Fontinalis Run

Much collected for aquatic invertebrates. Drains white cedar swamp; flows into Burt Lake at Bourasau Bay (White Goose Bay).

Cedar Point Creek 45.5200628153 -84.6380120904
Ford Lake - Otsego Co. 45.1792725594 -84.4501321509
Fort Mackinac 45.8508172656 -84.6165412583
Fort Michilimackinac 45.7863928528 -84.7356451401
Four Sinks

There are 10 holes in about 160 acres, and Four Sinks, Big Sink, Twin Sinks are 7 of these individual holes. Alpena Sink Holes encompasses all of these. In Alpena sinkholes folder.

Alpena Sink Holes 45.1736557226 -83.7175289511
Fox Creek 45.3611176262 -83.9681414117
French Farm Creek

Drains French Farm Lake into Trails End Bay. Location of the vegetation transect?

45.7474692887 -84.8021119549
French Farm Lake

Flowage located north of Paradise Lake and empties into the Straits by French Farm Creek. 234 ha in size and shallow. Watershed covers 3067 ha, mostly state-owned. No human development Gates 1942, 9:231

French Lake 45.7448512790 -84.7669491986
Fulmer Lake

A lake ringed by a Sphagnum mat dominated by leatherleaf and bog rosemary with scattered tamarack and black spruce. Surrounding forest dominated by aspen and jack pine.

Singer Lake 45.2696862460 -84.6489740953
Galloway Bog

Good place for Arethusa. Excellent hardwater lake and bog vegetation. No sedge mat; bog forest, swamp forest, and upland beech maple found on SW side of lake. Bryophytes are excellent. Ecology class, systematic botany.

45.6518195891 -84.7772298694
Garden Island 45.7948711595 -85.4799874132
Garden Peninsula

Large peninsula in N Lake Michigan, noted for Fayette State Park - reconstructed pig iron smelting village.

45.7887378206 -86.5002774111
Garlinghouse Lake - Chippewa Co.

Sampled by Ned Grossnickle; one of Bob Pillsbury's dissertation study sites, an acidic lake where he studied the benthic algal communities (and manipulated light and nutrients).

46.2934619016 -84.5554710399
Gates Bog

A Chamaedaphne bog (Gates 1942, 9:224; Ecol. Monogr. 12:213-254).

45.5914658359 -84.6707615399
Gemini Lake - Schoolcraft Co. 46.4903409554 -86.3054097005
Gilchrist Creek

Groundwater stream originating out of the Port Huron moraine.

44.9418288614 -84.0325117752
Gill Road Meadow

SW1/4 of SW1/4 of 7. Used by entomology classes.

45.6947003003 -84.8503860429
Gleason's Bog

Named for Henry A. Gleason. Recently studied by Miller and Futyma. A burned over area, supporting leatherleaf-shrub bog vegetation on what was probably a small spruce-white pine stand, surrounded by red pine and white pine.

45.5650019716 -84.7062253632
Glen Lake 44.8707270648 -85.9587204863
Goose Island

In Straits of Mackinac near Les Cheneaux Islands, SW of Marquette Island; Herring gull nesting area.

45.9198419037 -84.4289239904

Douglas Lake water springing out of ground - proved in dye tracing studies in 1987. Carp Creek, which drains Douglas Lake by underground seepage, has its origin in the Gorge. This is a ravine with steep vegetated wall. N-facing slope has hemlock, white birch, sugar maple. S slope has big toothed aspen and red oak.

High Springs 45.5538058135 -84.6839638897
Grace Harbor

The site of an abandoned lumber town at the west end of Hammond Bay.

Grace 45.5529326570 -84.1240994833
Grand Island

Large island in Lake Superior off Munising, now administered by the

46.5244092990 -86.6639259054
Grand Lake - Presque Isle Co.

Large, highly developed lake in eastern Presque Isle Co.

45.2739794462 -83.4771889856
Grand Marais Area 46.6746477729 -85.9663009644
Grand Marais Island

In Grand Marais area, Herring gull nesting area.

Lost Island? 46.6848753279 -85.9652599456
Grand River 43.0637103222 -86.2374398646
Grand Sable Dunes 46.6594515279 -86.0476684570
Grand Traverse Bay

Large, deep bay in N Lake Michigan separated by the Mission Peninsula into 2 arms.

45.0715730451 -85.4659675986
Grapevine Point - Douglas Lake

Once considered as a possible site for UMBS. A point of wooded land on the S shore of Douglas Lake. N hardwoods, 2nd growth (young). Burned probably between 1912-14 (Cantlon). Coppice sugar maple, white birch.

45.5691822648 -84.6773149035
Grapevine Trail

2-track road extending from Cort Lab around Grapevine Point.

45.5662034755 -84.6774911562
Grass Bay - Cheboygan Co.

Nature Conservancy property.

45.6566819795 -84.3750204866
Grass Island - Lake Michigan

In Beaver Island group, Herring gull nesting area.

45.7692701887 -85.4672644625
Grass Island - Thunder Bay

In Thunder Bay, Herring gull nesting area.

Grassy Island 45.0355139367 -83.4378384137
Grass Lake - Grass Bay

A small bog lake probably cut from the bay as a beach pool. Bordered by Chamaedaphne and other bog plants, to the E of the north-south road to the bay.

Rainey Lake 45.6556348040 -84.3681087147
Grass Lake - Otsego Co.

Potamogeton hillii found here (see Voss, 1965).

45.1938390759 -84.4568168218
Gravelly Island

In Lake Michigan, Caspian Tern nesting site.

45.5213872261 -86.7253473875
Green Island

In Straits of Mackinac, Herring gull nesting area.

45.8352947744 -84.7483871309
Greenman Point - Burt Lake

Point on NE shore of Burt Lake, S of Hoppies.

45.5158625661 -84.6453116669
Greenstar Meadow

Clearly a farmed field in 1938 aerial photos. Clearcut in December 1991 to recreate an old field; brush-hogged about every other year.

45.5587456067 -84.6501517296
Greenstar Trail

Traditional name for the west part of Indian Trails road. The first 2 miles are single track, winding; passes 1/8 mile N of Smith Bog, crosses Mullett Creek in sec. 35.

Indian Trails Rd. 45.5571560098 -84.6646736766
Guard Lake

Futyma (Ph.D.): among a group of limestone hills in central Mackinac Co. (NW 1/4 of 14 and NE 1/4 of 15); lies at 255 m (836 ft) just S of Maple Hill, which rises to 300 m.

46.1270452388 -84.7791953215
Gull Island

In Beaver Island group, Herring gull nesting area.

Big Gull Island 45.6996887057 -85.8385253227
Gull Island - Georgian Bay

In Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

45.7828483520 -81.1450195313
Gull Island - Thunder Bay

Near Thunder Bay, E of North Point; Herring Gull nesting site.

45.0560960475 -83.2313850744
Gull Point - Douglas Lake

Sandbar on E shore of Douglas Lake where gulls sit in low water times, S of Big Shoal.

45.5629880231 -84.6665451180
Hackett Lake 45.2486746113 -84.4997039187
Halfmoon Island

In Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

45.7282324265 -81.1944580078
Hammond Bay 45.5218378059 -84.0827265232
Hammond Bay Biological Station

US Fish & Wildlife Service property

Lamprey Eel Experimental Station 45.4935082478 -84.0381405627
Harbor Springs Sewage Plant

Sewage collected in lagoons and then sprayed on hayfields to the east.

45.4387430390 -84.8987044590
Hardwood Lake 45.1708084877 -84.4000058045
Hartwick Pines

Virgin white pine stand with very nice interpretive center. A state park.

44.7392769415 -84.6572021332
Hastings Woods 45.4082917461 -84.8489958935
Hat Island

In Beaver Island group. See Cran. Inst. Sci. Bull. 27: 36-37, 1948.

45.8160276815 -85.3006237416
Hay Lake

Part of Crooked River and Inland Water Route.

45.4574816829 -84.7707653046
Heart Lake 44.8919403356 -84.6912148487
Hebron Swale

Sparrow aquatic fungi collection location. Center W edge of sec. 23, about 9 mi WNW of Cheboygan.

45.6680512053 -84.6467904918
Hebron Swamp

Borders Mud Lake – Hebron.

Blanchard Bog 45.6682782376 -84.6817543153
Hemlock Lake - Cheboygan Co. 45.1995648197 -84.4074237302
Hendrie River 46.4234235647 -85.2400042715
Hermit's Bog

Cedar swamp at W end of Reese's Swamp, near where the Hermit lived. Hermits' was a grassy area shaded by large white pines.

45.5370955058 -84.6932407392
Hessel Bay 46.0053220332 -84.4404139784
Hiawatha National Forest

USDA, Forest Service property.

46.1485829297 -84.8105135298
Hidden Lake - Leelanau Co. 44.9652375999 -85.9130212182
Higgins Lake

A very deep lake (compared to Houghton Lake); shoreline very highly developed.

44.4840212500 -84.7436486373
High Island

Francie Cuthbert's research group has done much work here on gulls, piping plovers.

45.7338422169 -85.6720528813
High Island Shoal 45.7486056984 -85.6376298996
Hog Island

See Cran. Inst. Sci. Bull. 27: 38, 1948.

45.7820787538 -85.3681334973
Hogsback Bog Dirt Bog 45.5472509325 -84.6837222576
Hook Point - Douglas Lake

Very easy to see how the prevailing winds push the sand to form this "hook." Good spot for aquatic vascular plants.

45.5825588974 -84.6623255843
Hoop Lake

A bog lake near the Twin Lakes. Has a typical floating mat of vegetation, but relatively larger and deeper (2.9 ha surface area, and mean depth of 3.7 m). Watershed - 53 ha. Entirely state-owned with no development anywhere in watershed.

45.5395362210 -84.2807819441
Horseshoe Bay 45.9505407225 -84.7156872579
Houghton Lake

The largest inland lake in Michigan.

44.3360906596 -84.7264851416
Howes Lake - Crawford Co. 44.6874086861 -84.8136790431
Hulbert Borrow Pits


Borrow Pits - M28 46.3443206333 -86.0067272186
Hulbert Lake 46.3205784156 -85.1154989002
Hulbert Swamp

Boreal bird species such as Spruce Grouse, N Three-toed Woodpecker, Black-backed Three-toed Woodpecker, Gray Jay, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Boreal Chickadee, Swainson's Thrush, & Gray-cheeked Thrush.

46.3213002752 -85.1789421435
Hunt Creek - Montmorency Co.

DNR fish hatchery.

44.8615878540 -84.1542434692
Hunters Lake - Alcona Co.

Part of the Glennie Lakes study.

44.5519907797 -83.7089747698
Huron Dunes Roadside Park 45.5893265135 -84.1631698608
Huron Mountain Club

Most recently B. Barnes has done ecosystem mapping here. Phil Myers has trapped here.

46.8879604929 -87.8651057080
Ile Aux Galets

OSP: Small island in Lake Michigan, 6 mi offshore from Cross Village.

45.6792741911 -85.1489727702
Indian Creek

Drains into Ocqueoc River.

45.3861584916 -84.0524205653
Indian River

Drains Burt Lake into Mullett Lake.

45.4450588113 -84.5833719331
Indian River Marsh

Formed when Mullett Lake was dammed. A marsh on both sides of Indian River, one mile or more above the river's entrance into Mullett Lake.

Indian River Spreads 45.4284908808 -84.5979480212
Indian Trails Road

Greenstar Trail becomes Indian Trails Road (in our system) when it leaves our property.

45.5555722715 -84.6044814473

OSP: Settlement on N shore of Douglas Lake. An area of about 1 sq. mi. of deciduous woods, farms, and fields, willow thickets, and white cedar in the vicinity of Bessey Creek.

45.6002799775 -84.7104922544
Inverness Mud Lake Bog

A "quaking bog". Excellent stages in succession, good floating mat. Hard-water lake. The bog itself owned by the Leightons; south side owned by LTC.

Mud Lake Bog 45.6064871550 -84.5942435744
Iron Bridge

Iron bridge now replaced by a large culvert. Bridge torn down in 19xx. Good site for liverworts. 5 beaver removed Oct., 1992 (2 by shooting, 3 by live trap), dammed sometime in August; water above top of culvert. Lodge quite a ways upstream.

Carp Creek Bridge 45.5484922168 -84.6825883296
Irontone Springs - Otsego Co.

Small spring along old 27, roadside park.

45.0794425265 -84.6747473022
Island View

see Benninghoff and Gebben (1960): phytosociological study of a beech-maple stand on a morainic ridge near the shore of Lake Michigan.

45.6159774198 -85.0740095937
Isle Royale

Island in Lake Superior; national park famous for its long-term study of wolves and their prey.

47.9122493020 -89.0880066087
Jack Pine Plains - Ellis Twp.

Very sandy outwash plains (soil series = Grayling sand).

45.3750453033 -84.5660376751
Jack Pine Plains - Mentor Twp.

Very sandy outwash plains (soil series = Grayling sand).

45.3779074560 -84.6447411038
Jackson Lake - Montmorency Co. 45.0866745360 -84.1604452124
Johnson Lake - Chippewa Co.

One of Bob Pillsbury's dissertation study sites, an acidic lake where he studied the benthic algal communities (and manipulated light and nutrients).

46.4243102716 -85.0440130234
Jordan River 45.1500544913 -85.1310825348
Kalman Preserve

Little Traverse Conservancy property

45.4243900945 -84.9325776589
Kalmia Bog

This quad shows the correction bet. ranges 6 and 7 E, T 30 and 31 N.

45.1001090338 -83.6426001698
Kenneth Limestone Field

Site of CCC camp, and purple coneflower.

46.0946059516 -84.9350117940
Kingfisher Cove

OSP: E shore of Douglas Lake between campus and Pine Point (not sure exactly where).

45.5652775579 -84.6654872244
Kingston Plains 46.5713148041 -86.2086225745
Kleber Pond

A reservoir on the Upper Black, formed by the construction of a hydroelectric power dam. SA = 72 ha. Sturgeon coming out of Black Lake apparently congregate below the dam.

45.5501110545 -84.3927519572
Koviack Ponds

Unsure of this location, the ponds as described by Yongue (1973) may be Nichols Bog.

45.5401012934 -84.6378703550
Lady Lakes

Part of Ocqueoc River drainage: Lakes Nettie, Louise, Ann, Ella, May, Emma, Ruth

45.2690063473 -83.9617170031
Lake Ann

Part of Ocqueoc River drainage, one of the Lady Lakes. SA = 23 acres. The water is very clear; greatest depth = 35 feet.

Ann Lake 45.2820284625 -83.9862173677
Lake Bellaire 44.9508101197 -85.2206050810
Lake Charlevoix 45.3048525974 -85.2252173433
Lake Ella

Part of Ocqueoc River drainage, one of the Lady Lakes.

Ella Lake 45.2708328058 -83.9374618499
Lake Emma

Part of the Ocqueoc River drainage, one of the Lady Lakes, 2nd largest lake of the system (SA = 120 acres). Generally shallow, with the greatest depth (13') in the NW bay. Aquatic vegetation is abundant, incl. Potamogeton, Chara, Nuphar, Nymphaea, etc.

Emma Lake 45.2527918868 -83.9903089574
Lake Erie

The smallest of the Great Lakes in volume and is exposed to the greatest effects from urbanization and agriculture.

41.8460718850 -83.2438109141
Lake Esau - Presque Isle Co. 45.3119281334 -83.4650212624
Lake Horicon 44.9342769661 -84.7415393081
Lake Huron

Including Georgian Bay, it is the third largest Great Lake by volume. Many Canadians and Americans own cottages on the shallow, sandy beaches of Huron and along the rocky shores of Georgian Bay.

45.4712429828 -83.2450861333
Lake Kathleen

Impoundment behind the dam at Damsite. Named for the wife of the former owner of the Damsite (Ken Mclaughlin?).

45.5303364076 -84.7735316015
Lake Leelanau

Drains most of Leelanau County into Lake Michigan through the town of Leland.

44.8432804455 -85.7369280044
Lake Louise

Part of Ocqueoc River watershed, one of the Lady Lakes; drains into Lake Nettie. SA = 38 acres, mostly shallow, with extremely clear water. Bottom is covered with limy flakes overlying black mud and sand. Vegetation is not abundant.

Louise Lake 45.2848575659 -83.9730674750
Lake Manuka Manuka Lake 44.9636096863 -84.7381845136
Lake May

Part of the Ocqueoc River drainage, one of the Lady Lakes. Good collecting on both sides of road near resort. Ranunculus reptans abundant near shore on wet sand. Sparganium, Sagittaria. Asclepias tuberosa can be found in open dry fields and along roadside approaching lake from N or S. Kalmia angustifolia. Sedges

May Lake 45.2591432301 -83.9479882035
Lake Michigan

The second largest Great Lake, and entirely within the US. The N part is in the colder, less developed upper Great Lakes region. The more temperate southern basin is among the most urbanized areas in Great Lakes system.

44.9167352393 -86.6633192646
Lake Nettie

Part of the Ocqueoc River, one of the Lady Lakes, the largest lake of the system. SA = 257 acres. Highly colored water and a muddy bottom, in contrast to Lakes Ann and Louise, and its W basin. Outlet washes through the same esker.

Nettie Lake 45.2922013995 -83.9870752355
Lake Nicolet

Separates Sugar Island from the mainland; the major shipping channel.

46.3693677913 -84.2178560420
Lake Nita - Alger Co. 46.5282441917 -86.1303898443
Lake Paradise

Lake Paradise is now the official USGS name. RANN Project:a shallow, hardwater lake, turbid and green. Shallow enough to be completely mixed by wind.

Carp Lake
Paradise Lake
45.6929364481 -84.7555189074
Lake Ruth

One of the Lady Lakes. [Plat book map looks wrong].

Ruth Lake 45.2484748035 -83.9338574670
Lake Sixteen - Benton Twp.

Peat mining operation - Black Forest, operated 198 - 198 . Now owned by Wallace Huggett who is trying to convert into a cranberry marsh. This lake covers about 160 acres, and is 4 mi. S of Cordwood Point, Lake Huron.

Little Lake Sixteen 45.5930853334 -84.3241786843
Lake St. Clair 42.4906916199 -82.7712197327
Lake St. Helen 44.3728835801 -84.4372836264
Lake Superior

In volume the largest of the Great Lakes. Also the deepest and coldest, with a retention time of 191 yrs. Most of the basin is forested with little agriculture due to a cool climate and poor soils.

46.8198653064 -85.5554678819
Lake Tecon 44.9124187476 -84.7613983564
Lancaster Creek

By our definition, the stream upstream from Lancaster Lake, draining the cedar swamps to NW (Bessey Creek is downstream from Lancaster Lake).

45.6246699033 -84.7092020962
Lancaster Lake - Munro Twp.

A small (20.8 ha surface area), deep kettle lake. Nearly circular with very low human development; an extremely large swampy watershed (3692 ha NW of the lake). Drains into Douglas Lake by Bessey Creek. Very good for Daphnia. A bog lake, 1 1/2 miles N of Ingleside. (See Gates, S. P. 1942, 9: 219-220).

45.6206005262 -84.7078496271
Lance Lake - Cheboygan Co.

A small, but deep kettle lake. SA = 9.8 ha. Watershed=835 ha. Heavy development. Drains by a small creek, through swampland, into the Sturgeon River.

45.2286955802 -84.5684803562
Laperell Creek

Riggsville Rd. crosses it in sec. 15. Empties into the Cheboygan River.

45.5874203605 -84.4823548663
Lark's Harbor Lodge

Schnell (1965) gives the location as 2.5 mi N of Presque Isle - this is BVK's guess.

45.3408925132 -83.4884624581
Larks Lake - Emmet Co.

A moderately large and extremely shallow lake. Nearly circular. A small watershed and drains by way of Brush Creek into the W branch of the Maple River. Sparsely populated.

45.6017501853 -84.9295756274
Larks Lake Swamp 45.5989358109 -84.9146485650
Lawrence Lake

Lawrence Lake on most recent USGS topo (1982).

Upper O'Neal Lake 45.7162684933 -84.8725250369
Les Cheneaux Islands 45.9486994944 -84.3278645635
Levering Pond

Beiswenger, 1972: .5 mi S of Levering. Small (15x30m), bottom covered by Chara. Surrounded by forest on 3 sides & by Ball Rd. on the S.

45.6231473711 -84.7827601433
Lighthouse Point

OSP: E point of Duncan Bay. Cheboygan State Park property.

45.6708981359 -84.4273317502
Lile Pond Refrigerator Pond 45.5758330139 -84.7429883480
Lime Lake 44.8953848712 -85.8440439680
Linker's Spring 45.5340976555 -84.7028596270
Linne Bog

Can be found on the 1926 F.C. Gates map of UMBS. Also shown in Gates, 1926, Bot. Gaz., Plant Successions.... Just SW of Wolff's Bog.

45.6021400351 -84.6271134000
Linsey Marsh


45.5793074192 -84.3212954098
Little Black River

Drains farmland W of Cheboygan into Lake Huron just W of the city.

45.6636894798 -84.4859822415
Little Brevoort Lake 46.0179808391 -85.0063901946
Little Charity Island

In Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

47.3969046869 -88.9167376746
Little Dollar Lake

Futyma (Ph.D.): located 11 km NW of Ryerse Lake (NE 1/4 of 28); lies at 258 m (847 ft) in a shallow depression in a small area of kamic topography.

46.1844731766 -85.3054121074
Little Gull Island - Green Bay 45.4994629242 -86.7155319253
Little Lake - Mackinac Co. 46.1708475640 -85.2378786866
Little Lake - Presque Isle Co. 45.3997818787 -83.7486677672
Little Ocqueoc River

Enters the main river as a 10' stream about 1.25 miles below the falls.

45.4078192502 -84.0451671495
Little Pigeon River 45.4413838871 -84.5550910067
Little Sturgeon River 45.4047365683 -84.6024007161
Little Sucker Creek

Drains conifer swamp of Wilderness State Park into Sturgeon Bay, N of Big Sucker Creek. Wilderness State Park property.

45.7408131990 -84.9568891525
Little Traverse Bay

Large bay of Lake Michigan in Emmet County where Petoskey and Harbor Springs are located.

45.4201195270 -85.1050235681
Little Traverse Lake 44.9222077969 -85.8387513692
Little Two Hearted River 46.7131543217 -85.3752953802
Livingston Bog

Beautiful classic bog S of Birchwood Rd., most recently studied and mapped by Barb Madsen & Howard Crum. Owned by Bonnett.

45.5410957596 -84.6456508548
Lone Pine Bog - Chippewa Co.

Futyma (Ph.D.): SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of 32; elev. 265 m (870 ft); a patch of low shrub bog with scattered jack pine and a few black spruce and larch; measures about 250 m by 120 m. Dune ridge with jack pine borders bog on S, and jack pine swamp on W and N.

46.2481921998 -84.9615575370
Long Lake - Cheboygan Co.

A multi-depression lake with 3 basins, but interconnected at a deep level and have similar limn. features. 3.8 km long, but a mean width of only .45 km. SA=160 ha and a relatively small watershed (416 ha). Silver maple-elm forest below Long Lake, SW 1.4 of sec. 15, Aloha Twp. Good old 2nd growth forest on marly much, adjacent RR (Cantlon).

45.5245150251 -84.3880517169
Loon Lake - Benzie Co. 44.7089582262 -86.1291967574
Loon Lake - Presque Isle Co. 45.2575482517 -84.1687583536
Lost Lake - Otsego Co.

A sinkhole lake.

45.1929217224 -84.4065566381
Lost Lake - Presque Isle Co. 45.2937949773 -83.9640100353
Lost Lake fen - Presque Isle Co. 45.2901124156 -83.9578277566
Lower Barnhart Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River system. SA = 65 acres, max. depth is 18'.

45.3173060622 -84.0135471834
MacAndrews Lake 45.2767498243 -84.4922513337
Mackinac Bay - Les Cheneaux 46.0005879928 -84.4058344594
Mackinac Island

Much of the island is a state historic park.

45.8612002735 -84.6296858928
Mackinaw City Dump 45.7678725609 -84.7426875776
Mackinaw City Water Treatment Facility 45.7659177507 -84.7402608711
Mackinaw Marina 45.7813216490 -84.7192610789
Mad Crow Pond - Otsego Co.

Some ownership history of this area in Rachel Williams' student paper.

44.9064578611 -84.7504179187
Malony Lake

Now under water (1960).

45.7007143303 -84.6447136427
Manistique Lake 45.9842224901 -86.3324232389
Manistique River 45.9485537362 -86.2460660934
Maple Bay - Burt Lake

State Forest campground here. DNR property

45.4834211061 -84.7055788820
Maple Bay - Douglas Lake

Source of the E Branch - Maple River.

45.5740983857 -84.7253937436
Maple Hill - Hiawatha National Forest

Very prominent limestone knob on the St. Ignace District; cliffs, rare ferns on limestone.

46.1528430539 -84.7843694687
Maple Point - Douglas Lake

A narrow peninsula near the source of the Maple River at the SW end of Douglas Lake, partially enclosing a very small marshy area along which loons have nested.

45.5766021832 -84.7245086902
Maple River

Drains Douglas Lake and most of the interior of Emmet Co.

45.4853265945 -84.7244684428
Maple River - East Branch

Drains Douglas Lake into Lake Kathleen, where it joins the W Branch. An outlet of Douglas Lake; flows from the SW end to the W side of Burt Lake.

45.5357904603 -84.7657604046
Maple River - West Branch

Drains much of the interior of Emmet Co. Source in sec. 22 of Center twp. in Emmet Co.

45.5391953746 -84.7808103605
Marl Bay - Douglas Lake

A NW bay of Douglas Lake, W of the mouth of Bessey Creek.

45.6018619310 -84.7187979113
Marquette Bay 45.9649748631 -84.4251329544
Mary Ann Lake - Soo, Canada 46.4907108359 -84.4934463501
McCormick Hardwoods

Can't really tell from Smith's descriptions where exactly the Mackinaw City Hardwoods are, but this seems most likely.

Mackinaw City Hardwoods 45.7770953939 -84.7823488052
McCormick Tract - Exp. Forest 46.6744377317 -88.0136549738
McGulpin Point 45.7801977444 -84.7911549097
McIntosh Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River system; drains into Upper Barnhart Lake.

45.3118768569 -84.0274255404
McKay Bay - Les Cheneaux 45.9915662414 -84.2927069896
McLavey Lake - Cheboygan Co.

Part of the Milligan Creek drainage.

45.2858480756 -84.3543996081
McNearney Lake

One of Bob Pillsbury's dissertation study sites, an acidic lake where he studied the benthic algal communities (and manipulated light and nutrients).

46.4263214532 -84.9567968373
Michigan Gradient Study Plot

One of the plots est. to study the gradient of atmospheric depostion across the Great Lakes; cooperative bet. UM, MSU, MTU. DNRproperty.

45.5453075378 -84.8608264409
Middle Village Drive 45.5504380622 -85.0916001895
Mill Creek - Cheboygan Co.

Drains Dingman marsh, now a State Park (historical).

45.7458612361 -84.6656924367
Millers Bog - Burt Lake

Smith (1952): east shore of Burt Lake.

45.5005750926 -84.6399457174
Milligan Creek

Drains into the Black River just below Kleber Dam, originates from Duby Lake and surrounding wetlands. Looks like it bisects the M68 esker.

Milliken Creek 45.3927281291 -84.3373717074
Minnehaha Creek 45.3984598320 -84.8241663165
Mismer Bay - Les Cheneaux 46.0068826175 -84.4649297714
Monroe Creek - Charlevoix Co. 45.2222426177 -85.1733168137
Montreal River Gorge 47.2461441525 -84.5514678955
Moore's Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc river system; approx. 13 acres SA; bottom is thick, soft, black, organic mud and covered with a mat of Chara. The entire lake is shallow; aquatic plants include various spp. of Potamogeton, Utricularia, Nuphar, Nymphaea, & Brasenia.

45.2286112487 -84.0027921798
Mount Nebo

Old dune in Wilderness State Park, prob. Nipissing age. Had a fire tower at one time.

45.7476116272 -84.8743629456
Mud Creek - Grant Twp.

Empties into Black Lake near Black Lake Hotel.

45.4792457028 -84.3201875615
Mud Creek - Hebron Twp.

Drains Mud Lake (Hebron) into Lake Paradise (Carp Lake).

45.6819618973 -84.7247362071
Mud Lake - Bearinger Twp.

Part of the Ocqueoc River system, drains into Orchard Lake. Covers an area of 25 acres, is long and narrow in outline, a max. depth of about 3', & is surrounded by a marsh varying from 100-350' in width.

45.5031628995 -84.1371771988
Mud Lake - Benton Twp.

Juncus militaris; sandhill cranes!

45.6114930487 -84.3589942359
Mud Lake - Bismarck Twp.

Part of the Ocqueoc River system, drains into the river below Lake Nettie & above Lower Barnhard Lake. SA = 31 acres. Esker bounds it on the E.

45.3233781099 -84.0031444245
Mud Lake - Grant Twp. Black Lake Bog 45.4913095971 -84.3300327145
Mud Lake - Hebron Twp. 45.6655554460 -84.6839933104
Mud Lake - Inverness Twp.

Bog much studied by UMBS biologists; boardwalk access built 2009 by UMBS stewards.

45.6086779629 -84.5982537809
Mud Lake - Koehler Twp. Lake Marina 45.4322137936 -84.6012891177
Mud Lake - Little Traverse Twp.

A very small and shallow lake, sometimes included with Round Lake. M 199 traverses near its western shore, and is becoming heavily developed with commercial establishments.

45.3962346602 -84.9007993838
Mullett Creek - Cheboygan Co.

Flows SE into Mullett Lake (see Gates, S.P. 1942, 9:227). Beer's entomology class used a site in sec. 6 (Mullett Twp.), reached off of S. Extension Road (then E). Hard and soft wood forests, cedar bogs, small dunes, and small streams.

Negro Creek
Nigger Creek
45.5078914298 -84.5633293583
Mullett Lake

5th largest lake in Michigan (SA = 6,652 ha) and deepest in the study area. Receives the drainage from most of the Inland Water Route (watershed = 207,381 ha). Largest inland cattail marsh is located at mouth of Indian River. Elevation=594.5 feet (1960).

45.5161255797 -84.5249177253
Munro Lake

A shallow oblong lake (SA = 278 ha), with sparse development and a small watershed (925 ha). Drains by a tiny creek (over the MacArthur property) into Lancaster Lake. See Gates, S.P. 1942, 9:219.

45.6175958790 -84.6822444826
Munro Township Beach

An arrangement, made in the 1920's or 30's, allowed the township to use this area of N. Fishtail Bay as their beach.

45.5862459300 -84.6562579330
Muskegon River 43.2300850148 -86.3354489101
Naomikong Point 46.4926486524 -84.9421549372
Narada Lake - Leelanau Co. 44.9362519519 -85.9059939976
Naubinway Chronosequence 46.1045419058 -85.5167198181
Nelson Lake

[Sometimes also called Nolten Lake, but that name is now applied to a small lake in sec. 18, immed. E of Lake Paradise]. A small, shallow lake bisected by Hebron Town Hall Rd.

45.6793042642 -84.6576888768
Nichols Bog - Burt Twp.

OSP: Small pond in pasture, S of Birchwood Rd.

Nichols Pond 45.5411990820 -84.6392939413
Nolten Lake 45.6920123650 -84.7216077129
North Fishtail Bay - Douglas Lake

One of the basins of Douglas Lake.

45.5824296525 -84.6576621544
North Fox Island 45.4752786359 -85.7730699589
North Lake - Alcona Co.

Part of the Glennie Lakes study.

44.5728189845 -83.7012579822
North Manitou Island

Large island in N Lake Michigan, owned for many years by , now operated by Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat. Lakeshore.

45.1318843315 -86.0019950471
North Twin Lake

A sinkhole lake.

45.1830969787 -84.4118359897
Northwoods Camp 45.5673162484 -84.7072398663
Nutting Bay

Part of Douglas Lake, just E of Ingleside.

45.5981414604 -84.7038989688
Ocqueoc Falls

2 areas of cascades, both about 5' in drop. The distance between them is about 330'. River bottom is Devonian limestone bedrock. Brasenia, Ceanothus, Asclepias exaltata in woods near bridge. Very good place to study swamp plants.

45.3980619690 -84.0563171147
Ocqueoc Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River system, the 3rd largest (SA = 114 acres). It lies in a depression, surrounded by aspen-covered hills on which scattered pines occur. Greatest recorded depth = 34'. Vegetation is abundant; a rich pelecypod fauna is present.

45.4734395761 -84.1136987550
Ocqueoc River

Beach (1956) has extensive descriptions of the river, all its tributaries and lakes.

45.4908390498 -84.0736408464
Oden Creek

State fish hatchery located here.

45.4220165564 -84.8477726222
Oden Fish Hatchery

DNR property. State fish hatchery.

45.4308045880 -84.8460817337
Oden Island 45.4152857782 -84.8170275487
Onaway Hardwoods 45.3502935194 -84.2105021569
O'Neal Lake

Drains into Sturgeon Bay by way of Big Sucker Creek. Dam built 19xx.

Lower O'Neal Lake
O'Neal Lake Flooding
45.7116176698 -84.8883566410
Opal Lake - Otsego Co. 44.9250776819 -84.6130219386
Orchard Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River system, long and narrow, with 3 significant inlets. SA = 33 acres.

45.4853273967 -84.1278980859
Orchis Fen

Site for Orchis rotundifolia, first discovered by Elzada Clover; Little Traverse Conservancy property.

Kruzel's Bog 45.4008606422 -84.8670244217
Osmun Lake 45.3267368385 -84.3888211602
Otsego Lake 44.9331710254 -84.6957278401
Palms Book State Park

Huge spring with crystal clear water; raft is hand-pulled across the spring.

46.0041759278 -86.3819789886
Pancake Bay 46.9605732400 -84.6908569336
Papoose Island - Georgian Bay

In Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

45.7176863579 -81.3015747070
Parrott Point Canal

Dr. Ned Grossnickle had a small grant to do water chemistry and quality here in 1981.

45.4469027271 -84.5564535724
Pearson Creek 45.9951471296 -84.3644432062
Pells Island - Douglas Lake

Good example of the glacial deposits left between separate blocks of ice. Oftentimes dry in the fall. UMBS owns two lots on the island.

Fairy Island 45.5789328523 -84.7079044218
Pellston Clay Pools

Semipermanent bodies of water with a rich growth of Chara on the bottom. Good for water mites.

45.6048709828 -84.7845112200
Pellston Hardwoods

5 sites listed by Cantlon: abandoned crop lands, grazed hardwoods, yellow birch forest.

45.5560344975 -84.8455100717
Pellston Hill

Prominent moraine between Pellston and UMBS.

East Hill 45.5505460515 -84.7197046526
Pellston Plains

Sandy outwash plains encircling the village of Pellston.

Pellston Flats 45.5685026747 -84.7631413038
Pellston Regional Airport

Built in 1942 during the war. Labor leader Walter Reuther (sp?) died in a plane crash in section 31 in 19xx.

Emmet County Airport 45.5708218374 -84.7934897339
Penny Lake

See Gates, S.P. 15/10.

45.6887698962 -84.6573928021
Petoskey Dump

Not completely sure of the section (see Gruler, 1981). In 1966 the City of Petoskey applied for a license to operate a dump located near the corner of Howard and River Roads, just outside the city limits.

45.3550368412 -84.9546912556
Petoskey State Park

Large park at the head of Little Traverse Bay, with large mostly-stabilized sand dunes, and extensive footage on the bay.

45.4051365534 -84.9111839601
Petoskey Wastewater Plant

The city's wastewater plant; outfall is in Little Traverse Bay.

45.3720806072 -84.9776153199
Phragmites Flat - Douglas Lake

Shallow area at W end of Douglas Lake, immed. E of Maple Point.

45.5781608821 -84.7187067440
Piatt Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.4211295310 -85.0153803615
Pickerel Lake

Located SE of Crooked Lake and flows into it by way of the short Pickerel-Crooked Channel. About 1/2 as large as Crooked and slightly deeper. A large segment of shoreline is in state ownership, and the rest moderately developed. Watershed - 13,664 ha.

45.4032164971 -84.7793536391
Pictured Rocks Nat. Lakeshore

National Park Service property.

46.5062233108 -86.5392706706
Pigeon River

Drains into Mullett Lake.

45.4376663058 -84.5535908478
Pigeon River - South Branch 45.0593781525 -84.5240680148
Pigeon River State Forest

Includes more than 83,000 acres. There are very few private inholdings; thus the forest provides a large area for recreational pursuits. Administered from an office 13 mi E of Vanderbilt. Logged between 1860 and 1910.

45.2475095229 -84.4187602858
Pike Lake 46.6405642950 -85.4052504412
Pine Point - Douglas Lake

Noted for its beach pools (wooded swamp really) some distance back from the beach. It is the east shore of Douglas Lake, halfway between the Station and North Fishtail Bay.

45.5747728472 -84.6605170597
Pismire Island

In Beaver Island area, Herring gull nesting area.

45.7684270128 -85.4444171786
Platte Lake - Benzie Co. 44.6904911388 -86.0969661912
Platte River 44.7271042466 -86.1544770532
Pleasantview Swamp

Receives most of the groundwater drainage of central Emmet Co.

45.5285378617 -84.9153955176
Plymouth Beach Canal 45.4619243774 -84.6247629655
Point Betsie 44.6948675512 -86.2493264769
Pointe Aux Chenes 45.9205683998 -84.9058966694
Pointe La Barbe 45.8409900199 -84.7514131502
Porcupine Mountains

DNR property.

46.8041851999 -89.7061081385
Port Inland - Schoolcraft Co. 45.9688705135 -85.8728742599
Porter Ranch Bog - Roscommon Co.

Wentz's student paper (1973) is the only record.

44.3218742235 -84.8264257106
Potagannissing Bay

Bay on N side of Drummond Island, filled with islands, and noted for its fishery.

46.0241668197 -83.7888423129
Prentiss Bay - Les Cheneaux 45.9826495426 -84.2181565458
Pretty Lake - Luce Co. 46.6008601631 -85.6599932226
Raber Fossil Area 46.0605405660 -84.0757750261
Rainy Lake - Presque Isle Co. 45.2491595507 -84.0654452981
Rainy River - Presque Isle Co. 45.4386230443 -84.2114620337
Rapid River 44.8453988501 -85.3175554921
Red Pines - Koehler Twp. 1

Zahner: a 65 year old red pine stand - best example in Michigan.

45.4415622331 -84.5371839656
Red Pines - Koehler Twp. 2

Cantlon: heaviest growth of red pine in station area. Trees > 60' tall in places, and > 1' in diameter. Furnished the logs for rebuilding Ft. Michilimackinac. Rubicon sand. Apparently protected from fire (bad) by being between big & little Pigeon rivers.

45.4253230275 -84.5374407232
Red Pines - North Allis Twp.

Zahner: A stand of old growth virgin red pine; best example in northern lower Michigan. NE 1/4 of sec. 26.

45.3858660605 -84.1511898884
Reed Road 45.5799818664 -84.7916392095
Reese's Swamp

Prob. the most studied terrestrial site at UMBS. A mature bog, white cedar predominating (see Gates S. P. 1942, 9:227-228).

Plots 6 and 7 of the UMBS Fifty Year Plots are located within Reese's Swamp.

Reese's Bog 45.5404297685 -84.6759412712
Reimann Farm

Study site of Ted Anderson - House Sparrows. Carl Reimann farms it now.

Ed Reimann Farm 45.5406884890 -84.6205704555
Rexton Lake 46.1653353073 -85.1982325530
Riggsville Bog

F.C. Gates's UMBS map of 1926 shows this as the large cedar swamp just to the E of our property in sections 25, 26, and 35.

45.5644288433 -84.6395592037
Riggsville Corners

OSP: Intersection of Riggsville and Extension Rds.

45.5786304113 -84.6095089744
Roaring Brook - Leelanau Co. 45.0986965349 -85.6727998361
Robert Fergus Memorial Nature Preserve

Little Traverse Conservancy

45.4530114779 -84.6084598968
Roberts Lake

A small flowage (SA = 21.4 ha) and very shallow, entirely in state ownership. Drains into Twin Lake Creek, into Crumley Creek.

45.3979183935 -84.5561010136
Roberts Point - Douglas Lake

Small peninsula on N side of Douglas Lake.

Bently Point
Roberts Point
45.5892156768 -84.6965873596
Rogers City Gull Colony Calcite Gull Colony 45.4167372261 -83.7744344135
Roscommon Red Pines

34 acre grove of virgin red pine, one of the best stands in the Central Lowland portion of the US. Provides evidence of fires in 1798, 1888, and 1928 and contains a former National Champion red pine. 8 miles E of Roscommon, off Sunset Drive. MDNR Forest Management Divisionproperty.

Nature Study Area 44.4950703416 -84.3948575961
Ross Lake - Schoolcraft Co. 46.4782750279 -86.2557378056
Round Island 45.8293686354 -84.6018031862
Round Lake - Brevort Twp. 45.9587498043 -84.8718625867
Round Lake - Charlevoix Co. 45.3162746668 -85.2547415324
Round Lake - Little Traverse Twp.

Situated at the westernmost portion of the Inland Water Route watershed. It lies close to Little Traverse Bay and the city of Petoskey. Separated from Little Traverse Bay by a series of sand dunes, it is relatively small and shallow.

45.4083091803 -84.8843283934
Round Lake - Pigeon River CSF 45.1358013880 -84.4546307323
Round Lake CCC Camp

St. Ignace district of the Hiawatha National Forest

45.9341395240 -84.8977518082
Route 458 Bog - Luce Co.

Futyma (Ph.D.): SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of 14; a small treed bog of about 10 ha (25 acres) occupying a shallow depression on the Newberry moraine. Elev. = 259 m, may have been shallowly inundated by main Lake Algonquin. Sphagnum cover, with Carex oligosperma.

46.2896583131 -85.6371451065
Rush Lake - Montmorency Co. 45.1165181780 -84.0967698475
Ryerse Lake

Futyma (Ph.D.): SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of 9; elev. = 259 m (850 ft). Occupies a shallow depression in an area of gentle morainic and kamic topography; sandy soils with scattered limestone & dolomite boulders.

46.1315528446 -85.1786735450
Sable Falls

see also Sable River

46.6684541429 -86.0137053744
Sable River

see also Sable Falls

46.6611405095 -86.0198330104
Saginaw Bay 43.8736064869 -83.6267410155
Scarecrow Island

In Thunder Bay, Herring gull nesting area.

44.9114954223 -83.3282224064
Schoolcraft Co. Environmental Lab

Adjacent to the Jamestown Slough on the Manistique River.

45.9774902131 -86.2084293365
Scott's Quarry

Large limestone quarry whose rock built most of the roads in that area.

46.1784783828 -84.8357391357
Scotty Bay Creek BeaverTail Creek 45.9779664293 -84.1982335652
Section Four Lake - Otsego Co. 45.1895713335 -84.4450206340
Sedge Point - Douglas Lake

In 1928 W. W. Cort discovered the cause of the Sedge Point Pool itch - the uncovering of the life cycle of the digenetic trematodes. F. C. Gates studied beachpool development here. It is located about 1/2 mile on the N shore of Douglas Lake W of North Fishtail Bay.

45.5794926853 -84.6707388313
Seney National Wildlife Refuge

US Fish & Wildlife Service property managed for its waterfowl ponds.

46.2554798684 -86.1032309073
Seven Mile Point

OSP: Northern point on Little Traverse Bay. Beer: Picnic area on Lake Michigan. Excellent for botanical and zoological collecting, having a small, shallow lake 1/2 S of picnic area, a fairly large rushing stream, dense hardwood forests, steep topography and lakeshore dunes. Entomology field trips.

45.4794027593 -85.0924573810
Sherett Lake

Very little used by UMBS people.

45.6367413673 -84.7690699528
Shingleton Fen

NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of sec. 1. One of Barb Madsen's doctoral diss. study sites: a small (~3 ha) peatland; surrounded by forest.

46.3431073784 -86.2556842811
Shoe Island

In Beaver Island group. A gravel bar about 1/2 mi. S of Hat Island. When not submerged, the breeding ground for Caspian terns and gulls (see Cran. Inst. Sci. Bull. 27:44, 1948).

45.8069727937 -85.2971311522
Shoepac Lake Allis sinkholes 45.2424022632 -84.1750846307
Silver Creek - Emmet Co. 45.3844772293 -84.8137416327
Silver Creek - Presque Isle Co.

Small creek studied by N. Beach

45.4313850864 -84.0370029683
Silver Lake - Koehler Twp.

Located S of Devereaux Lake, small (SA = 31.4 ha) and shallow. Privately owned by the Detroit Area Boy Scout Council. Drained by Silver Creek into the Little Pigeon River and then into Mullett Lake.

45.4332565134 -84.4850553317
Silver Lake - Munro Twp.

The small lake in the middle of Bryant Bog.

45.5664310027 -84.7118121484
Silver Lake - Wilmot Twp.

An almost perfectly circular seepage lake, relatively small (SA = 30.8 ha) and one of the deepest lakes in study area. Watershed = 523 ha.

45.2695012619 -84.6322203134
Silver Maple Forest

Directions don't seem quite right. Cantlon: on Edwards muck soil type and is very rich in bryophytes and herbs as well as being the best stand of silver maple nearby. SW 1/4 of sec. 16

45.5112489018 -84.4432783206
Sleeper Lake

Pettingill used to take his classes here for ___.

46.5106168924 -85.5518042510
Sleeping Bear Dunes

National Park Service property.

44.8814440033 -86.0683094375
Sleepy Hollow Nature Preserve

A LTC Preserve: 55 densely wooded acres close to the S arm of Lake Charlevoix. A spring-fed stream that supports brook trout runs through the preserve. The forest is mostly hardwoods, dominated by sugar maple, American beech and black ash.

45.2261506643 -85.1720743606
Smith's Fen

Property to the south of property line cutting through the south end of the fen was clearcut in December, 1991. A Carex mat with some open water - named for Professor Frank Smith, member of UMBS faculty for 8 summers, who found in this bog all of the species of sponges known to be in the region (see Gates, S.P. 1942, 9:227). Owned by Randy Stempky 1061 LaHaie Rd., Cheboygan 49721

Smith Fen
Gularski Swamp
45.5531262819 -84.6482849121
Soldier Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.3487128272 -84.8665956043
Sommers Lake

Almost unknown here - a kettlehole amidst the debris of the large esker?

45.6570757651 -84.7431487380
South Fishtail Bay - Douglas Lake

The southernmost basin of Douglas Lake with a maximum depth of approximately 21.5 m (71 ft). Water quality sampling dates to 1911, conducted by Paul Welch and Frank Eggelton (Welch 1928, 1945; Welch and Eggleton 1932, 1935).

45.5639641121 -84.6709074864
South Fox Island 45.4183172251 -85.8514162382
South Limestone Island

In Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, Caspian Tern nesting site.

45.6754821756 -81.1450195313
South Manitou Island

Reached by ferry from Leland.

45.0261648864 -86.1224216743
South Twin Lake - Otsego Co.

A sinkhole lake.

45.1815455696 -84.4132727457
Spring Brook 45.2483597113 -84.8752121760
Spring Lake

A small seepage lake, next to Mud Lake (Little Traverse). Small (2.8 ha in surface area) and shallow (mean depth of .7 m) and with a small watershed (139 ha). No dwellings on its shores, but commercial development is encroaching near its S and W sides.

45.3916747660 -84.9085022930
Squaw Island (Beaver Group) 45.8371547692 -85.5885401087
Squaw Ponds 46.2363252297 -86.6716226368
St. Helena Island 45.8618067399 -84.8734726666
St. Ignace Causeway 45.8415852261 -84.7246832043
St. Martin's Point 45.9668704590 -84.5295018804
St. Martin's Shoal

In Straits of Mackinac, Herring gull nesting area.

45.9462709692 -84.5652738742
St. Marys River

Outflow of Lake Superior.

46.4952483720 -84.3142706410
Standard Lake - Charlevoix Co. 45.2000443050 -84.7375891465
Stoney Creek Flooding

H. Blankespoor says it is one of the most interesting places around.

Stoney Creek 45.3883387491 -84.4079333681
Stony Creek - Presque Isle Co. 45.4279764618 -84.2531337134
Stony Point - Douglas Lake

On N shore of Douglas Lake, just W of Sedge Point.

45.5808743512 -84.6768269124
Stover Creek - Charlevoix Co. 45.2865708347 -85.2761992069
Straits of Mackinac

Connection bet. Lakes Michigan and Huron.

45.8177806488 -84.7537752093
Strawberry Pond - Munro Twp. Munro Circle Pond 45.6003801607 -84.6852787241
Stump Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.3644356397 -84.8753074636
Sturgeon Bay

OSP: In Lake Michigan, S of Waugoshance Point, Wilderness State Park.

45.7119527507 -84.9711207129
Sturgeon Bay Dunes

J. Lichter pursued Ph.D. here. All stages of dune succession, a beautiful chronosequence. Wilderness State Park property.

45.7241433875 -84.9376601624
Sturgeon Bay Pool 45.7180330832 -84.9413130083
Sturgeon River

Drains into Burt Lake at Indian River. Superb trout and canoeing stream.

45.4067064178 -84.6268898780
Sturgeon River - West Branch

Drains the high moraines of extreme SW Cheboygan Co., enters the Sturgeon in the town of Wolverine.

45.2714614999 -84.6024904828
Stutsmanville Bog

Property owned by the Little Traverse Conservancy.

Hard Bottom Bog-Eriksen & Sharp 45.4987282265 -84.9919509025
Sucker River 46.6726159643 -85.9546709061
Sugar Island

Large island in the St. Mary's river with a ferry from the Soo. Osborn tract owned by UMBS in near S end.

46.4824279876 -84.2040218378
Sugar Island - Thunder Bay

Near Thunder Bay, E of North Point; Herring Gull nesting area.

45.0436126646 -83.2234606459
Sulphur Island

In Thunder Bay, Herring gull nesting area.

44.9887733354 -83.4166981331
Summer Island 45.5635234623 -86.6422359568
Summerby Swamp

Notable because of its special community of vascular plants, like Empetrum nigrum.
Crum (1988): An extensive rich fen and cedar swamp has built up in a highly calcareous area of some slope (as indicated by the rapid flow of Summerby Creek).

45.9744084404 -84.7914906534
Sunken Lake 45.2116298671 -83.7146931516
Susan Lake

Doug Fuller says this is a very interesting lake.

45.3237010835 -85.1808356604
Sylvania Wilderness Area

A wilderness area, part of the Ottawa National Forest.

46.2405332286 -89.3204784393
Tahquamenon Bog

Futyma (Ph.D.): a jack pine bog in a flat area at 215 m elev., between the Betsy and Tahquamenon rivers; floristically similar to those of Trout Lake area and similarly occupies a former lake plain punctuated with sand dunes. An open treed bog.

46.6308653353 -85.1224090831
Tahquamenon Falls - Lower 46.6035563566 -85.2046410477
Tahquamenon Falls - Upper

Old beech-maple N. hardwood forest just to the right of trail to upper falls. Excellent climax hemlock-white pine forest upstream beyond the falls on N side of river. Bohemian soil, very fine sandy loam. Mosaic of white and red pine on old sand dunes...

46.5747287890 -85.2577975099
Tahquamenon Falls State Park 46.5750422271 -85.1693411126
Tahquamenon Island 46.5308295259 -84.9484194031
Tahquamenon River 46.5552469885 -85.0289443473
Temperance Island 45.7641699717 -85.0273132324
Thorne Swift Nature Preserve

Owned by the Little Traverse Conservancy.

45.4547048337 -85.0637738063
Thumb Lake - Charlevoix Co. 45.1945417253 -84.7627010098
Thunder Bay Island

Near Thunder Bay, E of North Point; Herring gull nesting area.

45.0473034175 -83.2063915838
Thunder Bay River

Empties into Thunder Bay of Lake Huron in downtown Alpena.

45.0588258330 -83.4240586745
Tin Shanty Bog 45.1323566381 -84.4133029791
Tin Shanty Bridge 45.1266528273 -84.4075012570
Tomahawk Creek Flooding

A large flooding surrounded by extensive jack pine plains. Burned areas of jack pine excellent habitat for Lincoln Sparrows, Clay-colored sparrows, Night Hawks and other plains species.

45.2070676499 -84.1786511777
Tomahawk Lake 45.2289029500 -84.1682557889
Topinabee Woods 45.4765172708 -84.5966599204
Torch Lake 44.9564905483 -85.3088045366
Tower Pond

An impoundment of the Upper Black River; the Kleber pond and dam is immediately downstream.

45.3587414731 -84.2961014568
Trails End Bay

OSP: E end of Cecil Bay.

45.7570409089 -84.7971535749
Trails End Road

On N side of road approaching Wilderness Park, healthy stand of Lathyrus sylvestris, interesting woods with several species of Lycopodium, Monotropa hypopithys in quantity.

45.7669032753 -84.7636945197
Trout Lake Bog - Chippewa Co.

Futyma (Ph.D.): a somewhat enclosed site, being a rather densely treed bog, or open conifer swamp on the north side of a dune ridge. Peat depths in this area vary between 15 and 110 cm. [In NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of 14]

46.2072206247 -85.0211850214
Trout Lake Peatlands

Futyma (Ph.D.): an area of about 40 km2 (15 mi2) in the SW corner of Chippewa Co, just N of Trout Lake in 3 townships. A poorly drained area of Algonquin-age lake plain that is the divide of the Tahquamenon, Carp, and Pine rivers. Peat up to 1 m deep. (con't). Typical bog, fen, and coniferous swamp vegetation with the exception that jack pine is a dominant tree (this jack pine on peat led him to investigate the vegetational history of this area).

46.2326903874 -85.0115349081
Turtle Creek Bog

One of Jim Ryan's Sorex trapping sites.

44.9187880540 -84.5775193863
Twin Lake - Bois Blanc Island

Cairns has sampled for protozoa in 1981.

45.7484820463 -84.4553492965
Twin Lake - Hebron

County line separates this lake in Cheboygan Co. from its "twin" in Emmet Co. (which is now called Dow Lake). Both just N of Lake Paradise. Also called Reswell Lake on most recent Cheb. Co. map. Named East Lake in Foster Gaz.; 1 of Dow's Lakes; also Mackinaw Twin Lake. (See Gates S. P. 1942, 9:230).

Reswell Kake
East Lake – Hebron
45.7036427031 -84.7271809174
Twin Lakes

A deep hardwater lake with 7 different depressions, very distinctly separated.

45.5458965836 -84.2972294183
Twin Sinks

In Alpena sinkholes folder.

Alpena Sink Holes 45.1811596045 -83.7217426300
Twin Tomahawk Bog

One of Jim Ryan's Sorex sites.

45.1597878482 -84.1487045564
Two Hearted River

Immortalized by E. Hemingway in Nick Adams stories (prob. the Fox).

46.7010177160 -85.4176808303
UMBS Acid Rain Site (NADP)

Top of the hill behind Lakeside lab. Site began operation in July, 1979.

45.5610555271 -84.6789640188
UMBS AmeriFlux Tower

The UMBS AmeriFlux Tower, a 46 m tall, self-supporting tower with associated lab building, power, and communication lines was completed in June, 1998. At the end of June and in July 1998 the instrument booms, data loggers, communication and gas-flow lines, and the eddy correlation and radiation sensors were installed on the two main observation levels of the tower (46 m and 34 m, see the schematic representation of the tower set-up, below). The flow control system was installed in September and data collection on the top level started on September 22, 1998. The profile measurements of mean temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration through the canopy and up to the 46 m level on the tower was completed in March, 1999.

45.5597559738 -84.7137576342
UMBS Aspen Bird Census Plot

OSP: 49 acre wooded tract on NE corner of intersection of Roberts Road and Hogsback Road.

45.5491812349 -84.6623057497
UMBS Aspen Clear-cut, High Fertility

Zahner: bigtooth aspen genetics and physiology research area.

45.5487006590 -84.7153650449
UMBS Aspen Clear-cut, Intermediate Fertility

Soil type here (of this 3-part study) is Blue Lake loamy sand.

45.5397418377 -84.7128574914
UMBS Aspen Clear-cut, Low Fertility

Soil type here (of this 3-part study) is Rubicon sand.

45.5592820672 -84.7033438157
UMBS Burn Plots

There is a set of natural and experimental burn plots on our property that now creates a hundred year chronosequence of plant succession after fire. There are 3 natural burns near our entrance drive that burned in 1901, 1911, and 1923. Our experimental burns date from 1936, 1948, 1954, 1980, and 1998. The control area was burned clear in 1907 (from ring counts). Each experimental burn plot is about a hectare in size (2.5-3 acres). They are located adjacent to each other in section 32. The 1980 burn has 4 20m x 20m permanent plots inside its boundaries. A 50m by 80m plot was established in the middle of the 1998 burn (and in the control area immediately to the west). Additional treatments in this plot include a deer exclosure fence and an aspen ramet removal area (see thesis by Laura White). The area in the NE corner was lightly burned in 1932 and did not follow a clearcut (under the supervision of L. J. Young, Professor of Silviculture).

Robert Farmer Jr. established eight 66 ft2 plots - the Bob Farmer Plots - to quantify the effects of prescribed burns following clearcuts on Aspen trees. Six of these permanent plots are located within the 1936, 1948, and 1954 UMBS Burn Plots. Two are located in the 1952 clear cut, which was not burned. Measurements of the number of stems/acre of woody species in these plots are available for 1957, 1979 and 1998.

Burn Chronosequence 45.5585361311 -84.7005641319
UMBS Campus

First summer session was 1909. Civil engineers moved out in 1929, and biologists occupied the present space.

45.5593335173 -84.6731918153
UMBS Cooper Plots

The UMBS Cooper Plots were initiated in 1967 to provide replicate plots for the UMBS 50 Year Plots that were established in 1938. There are 13 plots in total located in aspen-dominated stands of varying soil quality around the University of Michigan Biological Station property.

45.5555972048 -84.7091911935

Knute Nadelhoffer's research project studying the flow of nutrients through a sandy glacial outwash soil (Rubicon series), with manipulations.

45.5599094582 -84.7109781495

In Spring 2008, we implemented the Forest Accelerated Succession ExperimenT (FASET) by stem girdling all aspen and birch (>6,700 trees, ~35% canopy LAI) within a 33 ha stand and in three nearby 2 ha replicate stands. 33 m eddy-covariance tower erected fall 2006.

45.5625691825 -84.6974486886
UMBS Fifty Year Plots

During the summer of 1938, F. C. Gates, W.F. Ramsdell and L.R. Schoenmann initiated a long-term study of the relationship between the forest soils and vegetation over a fifty year period. Seven plots were chosen to represent local conditions on the more important soil types. Plot 1 is no longer active following early clearcut and replanting to Jack Pine by the MI DNR; Plots 2-5 are representative of forested upland sites in the region and represent a dry-mesic to wet-mesic soil moisture gradient (Roberts and Richardson 1985); Plots 6 and 7 are located within Reese’s Swamp and are representative of lowland forests with moist soils dominated by aspen and conifers, respectively (Sakai and Sulak 1985). In general the plots were located in younger, growing forest stands where appreciable changes were taking place in volume and composition.

More specifically, the UMBS Fifty Year Plots aim to*:
1. To establish the quantitative and qualitative make up of the ground cover found in typical forest cover associations on defined soils with a given drainage.
2. To determine the relationships and changes taking place in ground cover, forest cover, and soil condition.
3. To ascertain the most reliable plant indicators, if any, correlating soil and drainage with forest cover type and its stage of development, ground cover associations, and rate of growth of tree species.
4. To determine and predict the probable composition of the ground and forest cover at intervals in the future on soils which are now of a given drainage and cover.

*Modified from: Duncan, D. P., & R. W. Varner. 1938. Experiment designed to show the relationship between soil and changes in the vegetational cover. UMBS Student Paper.

Plot Locations
Plot 1 - Defunct. Was located on DNR land off of the Indian River
Plot 2 - 125m due east of the 1936 UMBS Burn Plot
Plot 3 - Crump Hill
Plot 4 - 470m west of Bryant rd and 130m south of Riggsville Road
Plot 5 - Approximately 300m due north of the Munro Township Beach
Plot 6 - Reese’s Swamp (only shrub ramets)
Plot 7 - Reese’s Swamp

45.5591687608 -84.6986002718
UMBS Forestry Plots

Misc. series of plots in different forest types, earliest begun 1932.

45.5411086075 -84.6863919710
UMBS Greenhouse

Erected in 1989, the UMBS Greenhouse is approximately 40-feet wide by 80-feet long and has five rooms. The three front rooms are the work space room, the office, and the small restroom. The two largest rooms of the greenhouse are available for research activities. These rooms have automatic ventilation controls, misting benches, and considerable table space.

45.5584977071 -84.6780574322

Breeding bird survey sites where intensive surveys have been conducted. Some REU research based upon these sites has been published. There are six sites altogether. Three sites are along the Maple River: NOMA or North Maple, CEMA or Central Maple, SOMA or South Maple. Three other sites are along the UMBS property: BURN or Burn Plots, BVTL or Beavertail Creek and GATE or Gates Bog.

45.5801470574 -84.7426671923
UMBS Oak Bird Census Plot

Not used nearly as much as the aspen bird census plot.

45.5468340516 -84.6992072093

The PROPHET (Program for Research on Oxidants: PHotochemistry, Emissions, and Transport) tower and laboratory are located within a forested area on the University of Michigan Biological Station property. The tower is a 103 feet 5 inch tall, guyed stairway-type tower erected in December of 1996. A glass manifold reaches to 115 feet and delivers air samples to the laboratory for analysis. The Tower lab building is 20 x 30 x 10 feet and is insulated and supplied with heat and air conditioning (two 7.5 ton units). It has telephone and data line service and 3-phase power. The building is furnished with shelving, lab benches and a few computer desks.

45.5587944352 -84.7145247459
UMBS Soil Biotron

Built 1987 with NSF funds. PI=Bob Fogel. Other inv. include John Lussenhop and Dave Atkinson.

UMBS Rhizotron 45.5602630285 -84.6793717146
UMBS Station

Approx. 10,000 acres around Douglas Lake. Initial purchase of 1361 acres for $2500 on 3 June 1908 from Hannah Bogardus. Much land rec'd from the DNR in 1942 and 1947 from tax reversion.

45.5600682165 -84.6693510756
UMBS Stream Research Facility

The UMBS Stream Research Facility was built and first operated in 1993 with NSF funds.

45.5639925570 -84.7512120008

Installed 1994 in clearing cut for these instruments; funding provided by USDA.

45.5616076403 -84.6796077490
UMBS Wells Plot

A 1 ha mapped vegetation plot with approximately 2860 mapped trees. This is the first hectare-sized, mapped plot on the University of Michigan Biological Station property. The UMBS Wells Plot was established in 1976 by Dr. James Wells (Cranbrook).

45.5526091935 -84.7134965904
Upper Barnhart Lake

Part of the Ocqueoc River system. SA = 40 acres, max. depth = 67 feet. The water is highly colored.

45.3202806937 -84.0202536040
Upper Platte River

Drains into Platte Lake W of Honor.

44.6784600567 -86.0573561725
Van Creek

Drains into E Branch of Maple River, usu. dry by midsummer.

45.5764972308 -84.7459086107
Van Hetton Creek

Small stream draining into Canada Creek.

Van Helen Creek
Van Hellan Creek
45.1082346182 -84.2053627508
Van Pond

A sand pit in Emmet Co., just off Van Road next to the gas pipeline, much used for studies of amphibians: Beiswenger, Heinen, Dole.

45.5930713602 -84.7773430570
Van Road

Ends on the E at Douglas Lake, Silverstrand Rd.

45.5943049089 -84.7639380615
Vaughn Lake - Alcona Co.

Part of the Glennie Lakes study.

44.5391867151 -83.7267106565
Vermilion Area 46.7670606033 -85.1357029305
Vestal Bog 45.5370897534 -84.6464507065
Vincent Lake

A small (SA = 12.32 ha) seepage lake, with a small watershed (39 ha). Shallow with a false bottom.

45.6030514899 -84.6945140552
Waldron Fen

A rich fen, probably larger and more biologically diverse than Smith Fen. Owned by Jack & Nancy Waldron, 1909 Resort Rd., 616 548-5386

45.4160334886 -84.7395737345
Walker Lake - Chippewa Co. 46.3167388280 -84.9797083515
Walloon Lake

Some of the most expensive lake frontage in N. Michigan; 4 basins.

Bear Lake 45.2634842075 -84.9633693345
Water Tank Lakes

Cairns sampled for protozoa in 1981.

Watertank Ponds 46.6030467468 -85.1809501648
Waugoshance Point

Peninsula in Lake Michigan, noted for its wetlands, bass fishing, and sandy shores (Piping plover nesting sites). Wilderness State Parkproperty.

45.7616550966 -85.0099754333
Weber Lake

A small, oval-shaped seepage lake. SA = 11.4 ha and moderately shallow. Watershed = 306 ha. Lake is entirely state-owned and supports a state forest campground. DNRproperty.

45.2968511255 -84.7228322259
West Branch Creek - Cecil Bay

Drains into Carp River, under Cecil Bay Road.

45.7264450037 -84.8302970792
West Burt Lake Road

N terminus is at Riggsville Rd, S terminus at Brutus Rd.

45.5507488138 -84.6909103956
West Grape Island - Beaver Island Group Grape Island 45.7813530927 -85.4208731119
West Lost Lake

A sinkhole lake. Used by Momot?

45.1922037245 -84.4107829550
West Twin Lake 44.8813620474 -84.3500923147
West Twin Lakes - Charlevoix Co. 45.2467160760 -85.2560844280
West Wequetonsing Nature Preserve

A LTC preserve: the first one, acquired in 1974; a mixed hardwood and conifer swamp, 14 acres, just inside Harbor Springs.

45.4306182171 -84.9727475307
Whiskey Island (Beaver Group) 45.8106135187 -85.6117639226
Whitefish Bay

Huge bay of Lake Superior, N & E of Sault Ste. Marie.

46.6337733966 -84.8105463619
Whitefish Point

Interesting elements of northern vegetation: Potentilla tridentata, Hudsonia tomentosa var. intermedia. Wooded areas between Paradise and the point.

46.7767469613 -84.9410957135
Whitehouse Landing Road

Alex Smith collected wood inhabiting fungi here; most productive both in June and again in September; a safety-valve area in case of a dry season S of Straits.

46.5454603606 -85.1884253408
Wilderness State Park

Noted especially for its sand beaches and dunal system in Sturgeon Bay.

45.7470015270 -84.9261304809
Wildwood Lake

An artificial lake created about 1964 for second home development by damming up a small creek. SA = 89.6 ha and extremely shallow. Drains into Lance Lake.

45.2339849195 -84.5549755721
Wilson Farm Pond

Only George Hammond and Tom DeWitt have used it (NETP students, 1989).

45.6279913497 -84.4676409327
Wolf Bog

The northern parts of secs. 13, 14. At one time, the largest cedars in the Douglas Lake region. Much diminished by I75 construction.

Wolff's Bog
Wolff Bog
45.6038688506 -84.6229259036
Wolverine Lake - Luce Co.

Futyma (Ph.D.): a small kettle-hole lake on an outwash plain graded to the level of Glacial lake Algonquin, along S edge of Munising moraine; NE 1/4 of 34; elev. = 259 m (850 ft), about 30 ft below level of the surrounding plain.

46.4291339204 -85.6613593313
Wycamp Creek

Drains Wycamp Lake into Lake Michigan.

45.6510472693 -85.0175479827
Wycamp Lake

Loon nesting area, NE of Cross Village.

45.6601587668 -84.9641340016
Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes in terms of surface area and the only Great Lake that does not border Michigan.

43.5931232284 -77.7667236328
Lake Cadillac Cadillac Lake 44.2409980000 -85.4268980000
Green Bay 45.4874320000 -87.0748900000
Fife Lake 44.5667463425 -85.3431701660
Lake Mitchell 44.2479473619 -85.4816150665
Bliss Beach

A public swimming area north of Cross Village

45.6874152804 -84.9696350098
Indian River Grassland

This "study site is a patchy mosaic of grassland, shrub (bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, cherry Prunus spp., serviceberry Amelanchier arborea, sweet fern Comptonia peregrina), jack pine (Pinus banskiana), and planted red pine (Pinus resinosa). It is located on a glacial outwash plain that has excessively well-drained, droughty, sandy soil (Albert 1995) that is very nutrient poor, containing 3% soil organic matter (E. C. Farrer, unpublished data). The combination of low nutrients and low organic matter, sandy soil, frequent droughts, and growing season frosts makes this ecosystem fairly stressful overall (Kost 2004). The site has not burned in over 50 years (Michigan Department of Natural Resources, personal communication)."

- Farrer, EC, Goldberg DE, King AA. 2010. Time Lags and the Balance of Positive and Negative Interactions in Driving Grassland Community Dynamics. The American Naturalist. 175(2):160-173

Indian River dry sand prairie 45.3911137626 -84.5945854780
Alverno Pond

Impoundment created by a dam on the Black River, studied by the RANN project.

45.3865719284 -84.3262081139
Judson Pike Marsh

The Douglas Lake/Judson Pike Marsh is located on property owned by the Little Traverse Conservancy.

45.6034998297 -84.7125291824
Ostego Lake - Ostego Co.

Otsego Lake is located in northwest Michigan, south of the city of Gaylord in Otsego County. The lake spans the boundary between Otsego Township to the south and Bagley Township to the north. Otsego Lake State Park is located on the southeast shore of the lake and Otsego County Park is on the northwest shore. The lake has many private cottages and homes with direct access to the lake and parks.

Lake Otsego is 1,972 acres (7.98 km2), and 5 miles (8.0 km) long and 1 mile (1.6 km) at its widest. The max depth of the lake is recorded at 23 feet (7.0 m) with the bottom shoal composed of sand and light gravel. The lake is full of vegetation which is submerged at the bottom of the lake with very few floating vegetation. -[]

44.9544807082 -84.6935176849
Round Lake - Iosoc Co. 44.3391048439 -83.6598587036
Long Lake - Grand Traverse Co. 44.7182278150 -85.7493209839
Viking Lake

Viking Lake has a surface area of 39.8 acres and a maximum depth of approximately 25 feet.

44.8938229117 -84.6203041077
UMBS Elevated Carbon Dioxide Facility

The elevated carbon dioxide facility has arrays of both large and small open-top chambers to study the responses of plants and other organisms to rising atmospheric CO2. Enough carbon dioxide can be delivered to the experimental chambers to double the ambient concentration (control chambers).

Several investigators have studied the effects of elevated CO2 on the above- and below-ground responses of native deciduous trees such as bigtooth and trembling aspen, sugar maple, and hemlock, and on herbaceous species including crucifers, legumes, C3 and C4 grasses, and several invasive species including cattails and spotted knapweed.

Elevated CO2 Facilities 45.5589484328 -84.6783149242
Honeysuckle Creek Experimental Watershed Honeysuckle Creek 45.5373015400 -84.6999335289
Roberts plots

The Mark Roberts forest inventory plots. 0.1 acres each, sampled for DBH, sapling count, and standing dead count in 2008.

45.5501339782 -84.7166715190
Elevated Carbon Dioxide Chamber Array 45.5588500000 -84.6784880000
St Mary's River At Sault St Marie 46.4968158712 -84.3271249553